3. "Physical books have always felt like spatial riddles to me—they arrive collapsed to a surreal degree. This is in part due to the design ingenuity of compressing miles of lines of text into a pocket-sized volume. However, it is also due to that telescoping feeling of new possibilities which makes a book’s humble physical presence so cartoonishly out of sync with the reader’s experience. This disparity gradually reveals itself as the reader moves from page to page, much like how a flat facade on a building becomes dimensional as a walker turns a corner." - Kelli Anderson

    Why try to describe it in my own words, when quoting directly sums it up so much better than I ever could. Astonishingly gorgeous in emotion and execution.

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    so badly does Paper make me want an ipad. its possibilities are infinitely beautiful.

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    Everyday is a good day to start something meaningful. Happy Monday, Folks!

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    Water-Activated Sprout Pencil

    “What if instead of throwing your pencil stubs away you could plant them and have them grow into something delicious, beautiful, and fun? What if pencils could grow?

    Sprout is a high quality cedar pencil with a water-activated seed capsule at the tip. When the seed capsule is exposed to moisture it begins to degrade, releasing the seed within Sprout and starting its germination. You can leave the pencil in the soil as a helpful planting label, or pull it out. You can plant Sprout wherever you like, though we recommend an area that gets plenty of sunlight.”

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  8. Part of The Happy Show at the Institute of Contemporary Art. “The Happy Show offers visitors the experience of walking into Stefan Sagmeister’s mind as he attempts to increase his happiness via mediation, cognitive therapy, and mood-altering pharmaceuticals. “

  10. “And the point of great writers like [Oscar] Wilde is that they make that invitation to you; they welcome you”. - Stephen Fry

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  12. Watch and read your way to DIY-ing your home with HomeMade Modern. With perfectly easy-to-follow instructions and great designs, a modern home really can be affordable. Like $5 for a chair affordable!

  13. Most know what Google Search is and use it all the time - but do we really know how it works? We can with a beautifully designed and handy explanation for even the most untechie among us.

  14. Changemakers is a global online community that supports everyone’s ability to be a changemaker and to inspire, mentor, and collaborate with other members of the community at every level of changemaking. Changemakers identifies and connects the best social innovators and implementers through online competitions and changeshops, an online network for scaling-up innovation.”

  15. I know, I’m slightly skeptical myself. But I am certain only with an open mind can we bring social change. Maybe let’s give insects and Ento a change.